Ghana Free from Terrorist Attacks


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has revealed that Ghana is free from terrorist attacks despite the country’s ties with the West.

In its 2016-20 Political Stability Outlook report on Ghana, the London-based Economic Intelligence Unit stated: “Ghana is not likely to be a central target for terrorists, but its close ties with the West and significant ex-patriate population in Accra may draw the attention of extremists”.

The extremist attacks in neighboring Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali have brought the threat closer to Ghana.  It is obvious the country is a potential next target, according to the report.

It further noted: “Although the low incidence of sectarian tensions suggests that the country even if not without disenchanted youngsters – is not an ideal breeding ground for radicalised aggressors, the porosity of its borders remains a cause for concern”.

Touching on the upcoming November polls, the EIU report maintained that the election would be tensed due to the frustration of many Ghanaians about the challenges the economy is facing.

However, it asserted the threat of instability which will characterize the 2016 general election will recede from 2017-19 when good economic policies are implemented to ease the frustration in the country.



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